Making Jute Rope Tasseled Mesh Bag

Magnificence that comes with simplicity!

you’re going to say hi to a colourful summer time with a jute string tasseled internet bag appropriate for day-to-day use at the seaside. you’ll be able to make baggage for your self and your loved ones with a very simple recipe you can make with crochet.

What you’ll do with jute rope; baggage, footwear, sandals, slippers and so on.

we would like you a pleasant holiday.


2 items La Mia Natural Jute Wire Jute Yarn Cream colour ip4 mm crochet


Base 30 chains are started and the chain is knitted ovally by means of turning round.

1) 30 chains each and every 1 li handrails , 4 double handrails are made to the ultimate chain. The chain is became and knitted on the other facet in the comparable means.

2) 1 double railing via the top of the row, 2 every of the FOUR double razors made within the corner double double handrails are made. 8 double handrails are shaped in the nook. On the other side of the chain, 1 double railing is made up to the nook and 2 double rails are made to all FOUR double razors made on the corner.

3) 1 double railing to the end of the row, EIGHT rails are made to each of the FOUR razors in the middle of the EIGHT double razors made within the corner. . Again, on the other side of the knitting, 1 double handrail is made, 8 handrails are made in the center of the 8 double handrails made within the nook, and a couple of of every FOUR handrails.


1) get started with FOUR chains . Rows are finished by means of leaping 1 area each time and pulling 1 two handrail and among 2 chains .

* All rows proceed in this method by way of making handrails over and over.

2) A TOTAL of 15 rows of files are raised.

3) 2 double handrails within the sixteenth row done and finished.


1) 50 chains are pulled, 1 row of double handrails is built on it.

Your bag in a position!

we are hoping you employ it on stunning and colorful days.

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