Making Knit Earrings with a Triangle Pattern

Hi ,,

Again, I Am right here with a knitted earring type.

i think knitting accessories are very fashionable especially geometric ones.

i like it too.

i’m hoping you adore it too, you’re going to color it, knit it in colour.

Permit’s get started!


Kartopu Amigurumi Eflatun (K1709 ) colour hand knitting yarn 2.5 mm crochet earring


1) FOUR double handrails, THREE chains, FOUR double handrails, THREE chains, 4 Permit’s make two double handrails, THREE chains and combine by looping the top of the first handrail.

2) Let’s make one double handrail at the handrails. Allow’s make 2 double handrails, 2 chains and a pair of double handrails into the gaps. Allow’s finish the series like this.

THREE) Let’s make 1 unmarried handrail (fake needle) on the handrails. allow us to do the next to the spaces, respectively: 2 single handrails, 1 double handrails, 1 triple handrails, 1 double handrails, 2 single handrails. After filling all the slots, let’s cut and hide the thread.

Our knit jewelry with triangle pattern are ready!

triangular-pattern-knot-cup-making triangle-patterned-knitting-cup-making

Health in your hand!

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