Making Lace Cups and Pitchers

Hi everybody!

Nowadays I Would Like to proportion with you a sublime knitting trend that is very easy and relaxing to weave, and looks simple however trendy.

Let’s get started knitting very quickly!


1-2 pieces Ă–renbayan Dora White (100) color hand knitting yarn 2.FIVE or 3 mm crochet



Choice Of coaster you’ll increase or decrease as much as you wish to have.

1) We Start our model through pulling 8 chains and making a ring.

2) 3 in our first row We knit our 3 triple handrails. within the ultimate stage, we just gather the 3 in combination and join the tip. We repeat the similar procedure by means of pulling 3 chains in combination. We knit 8 items.

3) We whole our collection via knitting handiest 5 triple handrails among 3 chains.

4) Alt We make FIVE triple handrails in the next row, 1 triple handrail within the first two, 1 double handrail in the 3rd, and collect them all together. We pull 3 chains. Then we proceed to the third handrail. We make 1 to the 3rd, 1 to the next two and gather them all in combination.

We use the spider weave development in among.

Making the Spider Fashion: We stretch a loop approximately 2 cm with our crochet hook We draw a loop on our crochet hook and take it out from the loop we stretch. we want to watch out when putting off our loop, we take care to ensure that the dimensions of the spiders does not transfer. We restore the spider with the needle way by taking a loop through the new thread we stretch with our crochet hook. We repeat the similar procedure on the spider we mounted. We knit spiders. We pull 6 chains for eyelashes and sink to the ground. We entire our type through repeating the similar procedure thrice.


We knit the coaster!

Jug Coaster

1) We Start our style by pulling 10 chains and making a ring.

2) In our first row, we knit our 3 triple handrails.

We repeated the same process by pulling 3 chains in among. We knit EIGHT items.

3) We draw 1 chain in the intermediate spaces and knit 1 triple handrail. there’ll be 4 handrails in overall.

FOUR) Subsequent, we knit triple handrails in the chain sections, that is, within the subsequent row. / sturdy> We knit FOUR triple handrails, leaving 1 handrail house between them in order to shape FIVE stars. We combine their tops. We knit our THREE handrails using THREE chains in between. in the intermediate spaces we distinguish, we apply the spider type.

6) We proceed to knit till THREE, 2 and 1 triple handrails, respectively.

7) In our remaining row, we knit THREE eyelashes by way of pulling 10 chains among them. We pull 6 chains for eyelashes and sink to the ground. We complete our style by way of repeating the similar procedure.

We knit the jug base too! one?

Making Lace Cups and Pitchers

Making Lace Cups and Pitchers


Use on gorgeous days!

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