Making Macrame Knit Earrings

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We Will get ready a pair of earrings via making use of the method known as pearl binding technique within the macro. Barbante Crimson (29) color hand knitting yarnMax Ring Ring Jewelry

How One Can Make

1. We minimize 12 items of 70 cm duration.

2. We knot the threads into the hoop using the macrame guidance knot, 6 of each earring ring.

3. We knit THREE rows of classic sq. macrame knots through taking the primary 4 threads. We take the second and third threads within the center from FOUR threads and provides them a round shape by means of passing them through the middle of the ropes above the knitting. We make our first shape through throwing the vintage macrame square knot underneath this little ball we created. Through taking the 4 ropes at the facet, we complete the primary row by means of developing the second ball with the similar approach and the 3rd ball with 4 ropes subsequent to it.

4. In the second one row, we separate two ropes from the sides and make balls with the same manner.

5. In Spite Of Everything, we cut the excess strands of the earring to the required duration and comb the rest strands with a comb.

It’s that straightforward!

Making Macrame Knit Earrings

Making Macrame Knit Earrings

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Health for your arms!

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