Making Macrame Leaf Earrings

Hello everyone!

Lately I Will come up with a very simple but very elegant earrings recipe.

Simply select your color and let’s get started knitting!




1. Let’s minimize 14 items of 13 cm lengthy.

2. Let’s take a string we cut and fold it in part and fix it to the desk with the help of a tape.

3. Let’s fold it in part, and position it beneath the string now we have fixed at the desk.

4. Let’s take every other rope, double it up within the same manner and thread the ends of the ropes throughout the loops and tighten them from all sides.

5. One Let’s repeat the similar procedure with three on the leaf.

6. Let’s minimize the surplus threads with a scissors and give the form of the leaf / feather.

7. Let’s experiment the tassels of the leaves we ready with a comb.

8. Let’s position the hooks on the leaves we have now prepared with earring earrings.

It Is that straightforward and classy!

you’ll be able to upload a distinct environment and elegance for your combos by means of knitting in the colors you wish to have.

Well Being to your hands!

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