Making Macrame Shoulder Bag with Canvas


1 piece 22x44cm Canvas2 piece Snowball Macrame Cinnamon Colour ip3.5 mm crochet1 mt. chain (with side ring) Bag lock


43 chains are drawn, 1 row of needles are made ranging from the second chain. FOUR single needles are made within the 5th widespread needle and all of them are pulled directly. the method is repeated until the top of the row and a complete of 8 small balls are acquired.

 If it is at the flat aspect, no person needle is made to every loop without any operation. (Our fashion will likely be on the reverse side of our knit whenever.) In The Meantime, 2 needles are made and four single handrails are made to the third chain, all of them are pulled without delay. repeat step. 1 needle is made to each loop without any operations at the flat facet. In general, 10 rows of small balls are made. After that, 1 needle is made to every loop. 32 rows of needles are made in general and 28 chains are larger from the best and left facet for the side caps. left. 28 rows are knitted from the edges and fastened on the canvas. Simple to come, With love …
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