Making Motif Runner

Hello everybody!

How about knitting a runner a good way to upload class to the magnificence of your tables?

We brought you a colourful runner knitting pattern inclusive of motifs.

if you need, knit in an instant Let’s get started!


Snowball Cotton Combine hand knitting threads
White (2116S) colour thread
Smoked (2203S) color thread
Lilac (2139S) color thread3 mm crochet


Runner includes 18 items: EIGHT pieces smallest dimension, 1 piece medium size, 1 piece small dimension, 2 pieces flower, 1 piece big dimension, 5 items leaves.

Smallest Dimension (8 pieces)

We knit with a lilac colored thread.

1) We make 12 frequent needles into the magic ring.

2) We weave 24 double handrails by way of double sinking every handrail. We whole it in 2 rows.

motif-runner-build-1 motif-runner-construct-1

Small Size

We knit with a lilac coloured thread.

1) We make 12 widespread needles into the magic ring.

2) We pull the chain and go to the top row, we make double double handrails to each loop via double sinking.

3) We cross up and make 1 frequent needle to each loop. < /

4) After pulling 2 chains, we make FORTY EIGHT double handrails via stepping on best of each loop via double sinking.

5) we make 1 needle into the loop.

6) We pull the chain to the highest and end the row through creating a double handrail with 1 double and 1 single sink.

7 ) We go to the highest and make 1 needle to every loop.

We complete it in FIVE rows in total.

7) We pull THREE chains for facet decoration, go away 1 area and stick with the needle in the space proper subsequent to it. For the durations, we knit 1 chain, stick it with a common needle, go away 1 area and entire it in this way. We knit 2 widespread needles in a single house and 3 double handrails in the different area. In this way, we turn round and finish a total of 2 rows.

motif-runner-construction-3 motif-runner-construction- 3

Massive Dimension

We knit with a smoked color thread.

1) We knit the middle neck same.

2) After We come to the brink ornament section, rather than making the brink, we proceed from the 6th row and knit 1 double, FOUR unmarried handrails.

3) 7. We knit within the order of 1 double, FIVE unmarried handrails. We complete it in 7 rows, excluding the threshold decoration.

4) We make the center neck border decoration in the comparable approach. We entire it in NINE rows.

motif-runner-build-4 motif-runner-construct-FOUR

Flower (2 items)

1) We knit 12 common needles into the magic ring.

2) Each And Every hole We make a total of 12 double handrails in the form of one handrail and 2 chains.

3) We knit 2 double handrails in each area, 2 chains in the related house, 2 double handrails.

Making Motif Runner

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