Making My Baby Vest

Making My Baby Vest
Making My Baby Vest


Collar get started baby vests are among the hottest child vests of latest times.

you’ll practice numerous knitting patterns after the similar yoke.

This vest Suitable for 9 months and above. h2>

1) get started with 75 loops. 4 teeth harosha knitting is completed. We open the first button hollow within the right band in this order.

Front bands 6 loops, entrance 10 loops every, arms 8 loops, again 19 loops, each loop is installed as 2 loops.

2) 6 loops of harosa, 10 directly, 1 closet, 2 instantly, 1 closet, EIGHT directly, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, 19 instantly, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, EIGHT immediately, 1 closet, 2 instantly, respectively 1 loops, 10 directly and 6 loops are made to the top.

THREE) 6 loops within the again row on the starting and on the end are knitted in reverse, other loops are knitted in reverse.

After that our knit is knitted with the similar common sense:

it’s already at the opposite facet of the weave If the loops are harosa, we knit the rest with a harosa weave as a purl.

on the shelf, we knit the increment places in the type of 1 loft, 2 flat and 1 loaf, one after the other, and the rest loops are immediately because it is, and we knit the remainder loops as haroşa.

FOUR ) While there are 10 lengths of building up, knit 6 rows within the immediately path, 1 dola, 1 lower, 1 dola, 1 lower, 1 dola, 1 lower until the tip of 6 loops.

at the contrary of the knitting, 6 loops at the beginning and on the end, the opposite loops are knitted in reverse.

At The Same Time As making 1 minimize, 1 cut, we build up our increase in the places of increase. it is knitted within the form of 1 flat, 2 flat, 1 flat, then 1 minimize, 1 flat, 1 cut….

Button holes are drilled in the entrance band with a ten -11 haro period.

5) 20 will increase from the beginning 3 knitting harosha knitting is completed to the entire weave. The loops on the fingers are lower and the knit continues to knit in a single piece.

< 6) After THREE enamel harosha, 11-12 rows are knit 1 row in opposite and 1 row in undeniable. The straight minimize 1 reduce 1 lower 1 cut 1 pattern is carried out throughout the row.Finally FOUR tooth are knitted and lower.

Buttons are sewn.

Desire you will have a pleasing day…

Pleasant braids ..

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