Making of Valentine’s Day Beanie

Would Not you prefer to put on a special beret on this big day?

With this straightforward knitting type, you can simply knit a beanie in a day.


Snowball Clever rope;
1 Beige (K855) colour rope
1 Brown (K890) ip5 mm needle


Beige colour rope begins.

1) NINETY ONE loops are started.

2) 2 rows of 2 reverse, 2 flat tires are knitted.

3) In The third row, directly loops are twisted in the type of 1-1.

4) THREE rows of two opposite, 2 flat tires are knitted between every auger. FIVE) The double twisted tire section is knitted till it reaches 6 cm. Then the flat knit is began.

6) FOUR rows of flat knit. < /

7) In The 5th row, 46th loop is knitted with brown thread. the rest is knit once more with beige yarn as a undeniable weave.

8) FORTY FIVE-FORTY SIX-47 loops in 6th position are knitted with brown thread.

9) 44-45-FORTY SIX-FORTY SEVEN-FORTY EIGHT loops in 7th position knit with brown thread.

10) FORTY THREE-FORTY FOUR-45- 8th position 46-FORTY SEVEN-FORTY EIGHT-FORTY NINE loops are knitted with brown thread.

11) loops 42-FORTY THREE-44-FORTY FIVE-46-47-48-FORTY NINE-50 loops knitting with brown thread.

12) loops 41-42-43-FORTY FOUR-45-46-FORTY SEVEN-FORTY EIGHT-FORTY NINE-50-FIFTY ONE knitting with brown thread .

13) In The 11th row, 40-FORTY ONE-42-FORTY THREE-44-FORTY FIVE-46-FORTY SEVEN-FORTY EIGHT-49-50-51-FIFTY TWO loops are knitted with brown thread. .

14) Proceed within the twelfth, 13th, fifteenth and fifteenth rows with none building up.

15) In The sixteenth row, the brown section is diminished from either side. The loop in the heart is knitted with beige thread. (we’ve given the form of a center.)

16) Flat knit in the 17th position.

17) Brown section within the 18th place it is diminished from either side. THREE loops within the heart are knitted with beige colored thread.

18) Directly knit in the nineteenth row.

19) So the center form now we have created. After the tip of the center, 7 rows of knit are knitted with beige colored thread.

20) Now we are starting to cut back our loops. Discounts might be on the front face. The initial stitch is lower, reduce once more after 9 stitches, lower once more after 5 stitches. in this manner, the collection keeps till the tip.

21) At this time, the first stitch is lower, another stitch is cut, 7 stitches are knit again, 1 sew is lower, 1 stitch is minimize, 7 rows are minimize. knit and cut once more. The collection keeps until the tip.

22) The stitches are cut by way of two, and the stitches are accrued and stitched on each side.

Wish you employ it on just right days… < /

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