Making Plenty of Knitted Ear Studs


We proceed making jewelry without slowing down.

in this article, we will be able to discuss making ample stud earrings. < /

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Let’s start knitting right away!


Snowball Amigurumi Blue (K551) colour hand knitting yarn 2.5 mm crochet earring


1) Let’s make a magic ring. Let’s make 5 handrails, pull 3 chains and hang onto the primary chain. We made a patty. on this approach, let’s make scraps with 5 handrails. There must be 20 handrails in total.

bol-pitircikli-organ-kupe-yapimi-1 bol-pitircikli-orgu- cup-making-1

2) Let’s scroll to the center of where with 5 handrails. Let’s pull 10 chains and sink in the center of the following 5 handrails. Let’s repeat this two more times.

3) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and come again. Let’s perform the next steps in every slot of 10 chains: THREE handrails, 1 scraper, THREE handrails, 1 scraper … There have to be 15 handrails in general. After completing all 3 portions, let’s draw 7 chains and grasp the handrail on the other finish. Let’s reduce and conceal the ropes.

Our abundant stud jewelry are ready!

plentiful-knit-knitting-cup-making bol-pitircikli-organ-kupe-yapi

Easy to return.

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