Making Popcorn Floral Knit Earrings

Hi ,,

I got here to you with a unique knit jewelry model again.

you wouldn’t say no to a knitted earring, proper? jewelry…

If our fabrics are in a position, let’s get started instantly!


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
Dried Rose (K1749) colour thread
Haldal Yellow ( K322) colour thread
2.5 mm crochet earring

methods to make it

we commence with a rose color thread.

1) Make a magic ring and We make 24 double handrails.

We knit with yellow thread.

2) We pull 3 chains, we make 4 handrails within the similar slot. * We do away with the crochet hook from the rope and we sink on the most sensible of the primary handrail and go the rope thru it. We pull 3 chains, bounce 1 slot and make 5 handrails in the other slot *. We repeat the operations between * s until the top of the row.




popcorn-flower-organ -kupe-construct-2





THREE) We lower and hide the string.

We attach the earring to 1 of the slots. information-lazy-kind

Popcorn Flowery rings are able!

popcorn-flower-organ-cup-making popcorn-flower-organ-cup-making

Health on your hand!

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