Making Puffy Hair Band

Hi everybody!

We designed an excessively nice headband for you.

Are your materials able for this pretty headband model?

Let’s get started knitting right now!


La Mia Child Cotton Salmon (L026) color hand knitting yarn5 mm crochet


1) Pull 70 chains and begin Let’s combine.

2) Let’s make 1 row of part (single) handrails.

3) 1 row of loops on the back of the loop Let’s make a half handrail by means of knitting.

We move the crochet in the course of the line that looks at the again.

puffed-sheet-band-construction-1 puffed-sheet-band-construction-1

4) Let’s pull 3 chains and make a handrail to the opposite slot. Let’s skip 2 slots. Let’s make THREE triple peanuts in the next slot, with 1 chain in among. Let’s bounce 2 slots and make a handrail to the opposite, pull 1 chain and make a handrail to the opposite. Let’s cross this fashion.

5) In the other order, let’s make 3 handrails between the handrails and grasp them between the pouffe. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and dangle them among the opposite puffs.

6) In the other row, let’s make THREE triple puffs with 2 chains in between. Let’s make a handrail to compare the handrails and pull one chain and make a handrail to the other. Let’s proceed in this way.

7) Let’s squeeze every gap within the subsequent row.

8) We stick within the again line of every slot Let’s do a half handrail.

puff-sheet-band-construction-2 puff-sheet-band-building -2

Let’s cut and hide the rope.

That Is it!

making puffed sheet tape puffy-sheet-band-construction

Well Being for your palms!

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