Making Rectangular Basket with Flowers

Hello everybody!

We Have brought a basket style that you simply can knit in a short time by using our colourful combed yarns.

Let’s start knitting this basket for you to suit your house with flowers instantly!


Spagettiyarn Combed Material hand knitting yarns;
Pomegranate flower color thread
White colour rope7 mm crochet Coloured thread 3 mm crochet


Pomegranate colour rope with base we knit by way of beginning.

1) We Commence by pulling 10 chains. From the 2d chain, we make 8 needles, THREE needles to the closing chain, EIGHT needles, and a couple of needles to the final chain and finish by looping.

2) 2 needles, NINE We whole the sequence through finishing the needles, 3 needles, 2 needles, 3 needles, NINE needles, 3 needles, THREE needles, 1 needle and loop scroll.

on this means, we create corners and three needles in each and every nook.

3) 2 needles, 11 needles, THREE needles, FOUR needles, 3 needles, ELEVEN needles, 3 needles, FOUR needles and we loop during the closing 1 frequent needles and end this sequence. We develop our base by sinking in the center of the triple frequent needles shaped in each row.

4) 2 needles, THIRTEEN needles, 3 needles, 6 needles, THIRTEEN needles, 3 needles needle, 6 common needles, 1 frequent needle, we end with looping.

5) 2 needles, 15 needles, THREE needles, EIGHT needles, 14 needles, We make it with 3 frequent needles, EIGHT frequent needles and 1 widespread needle and end with a loop shift.

Our base ends here.

6) we scroll. Best by means of skipping the loop right within the middle of the triple needles within the corner and sliding the loop, we prevent it from spreading at the same time as knitting the highest of our basket.

8) We create our spike type via sinking to the middle of the frequent needles in the first row, however no longer within the center.

9) we want the period of our cart We proceed to knit till the scale is bigger.

We knit with white thread.

10) While our basket is finished, we knit and end the highest side ornament from the top of the ears within the opposite direction.


1) We pull FIVE chains into the magic ring with a purple rope and create a hole via making a double handrail. in this manner, we knit with a total of 5 hole slots.

2) First we pull THREE chains into the holes made after which we make 4 double handrails.

3) After the primary row of flora is shaped, we pull 6 chains from the again of the flora and sink them into their back nests again.

4) We complete our flower via making 10 double handrails to the 6 chains which might be pulled.

5) We glue the pearl to the center with silicone.

Note: Put 2 in a row with the purple flower, 2 layers, yellow and blue I adorned the flower by creating a unmarried flower.

you’ll embellish the basket as you want. I embellished with knitted flowers and leaves decorated with pearls.

That’s it!


Health on your hands!


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