Making Ring Earrings with Flowers


We collect the caps of the pet bottles and lend a hand the wheelchair acquire.

Well you tried to guage the ring under the lid. Is it?

i tried it and i appreciated it each we knit and we recycle it.

should you are able, come our recipe!


1 Snowball Amigurumi Water Green (K507) color hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet2 pet bottle cap ringEarring apparatus


1 ) Let’s flip around the bottle cap with a pin. Let’s combine it with the beginning. Let’s make a total of 6 gaps in this approach. we will do this for the leading and trailing areas, 4 and three for the others.

flower-ring-cup-making-1 flower-ring-cup-making-1

Our flowered ring rings are ready!

Health for your fingers.

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