Making Rosary with Combed Rope

Whats Up !

We Now Have a sensible and stylish model with a view to prevent from the mess of the rosary!

We proportion the production of this straightforward fashion with you.

Let’s start knitting immediately!


Spaghetti Combed Cotton hand knitting threads7 mm crochet RibbonsFlower


1. Let’s knit 6 needles into the magic ring.

2. Let’s knit needles once more by way of double sinking in the center of every needle. So let’s make the spike style.

3. Let’s knit 1 single and 1 double needle in order.

4. 2 single so as Let’s knit 1 pair of needles.

5. Let’s go to the top by means of running the chain. Let’s proceed the spike development we practice at the base, and knit it until the desired paint comes.

6. In Spite Of Everything, let’s make chain execution again, lower our thread and begin adorning.

Our rosary is ready!

Well Being for your palms!

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