Making Sequins Christmas Wallet

Enter the brand new yr by pampering your self!

you will by no means want to take this scaly red wallet with you.

Easy to make, this knitting fashion you can finish in a day will have a really perfect yr!


1 Snowball Macrame Pink colour ip1 package pink washer3.5 mm crochet wool needle


1) We Commence through pulling 40 chains.

2) We make 1 unmarried handrail to each chain by way of pulling 2 chains.

3) We turn our braid by way of pulling 1 chain. In The Meantime, we make 1 needle to each loop. the $64000 point is that after making 1 needle, we put on the scales even as making the second one needle. Then we make another frequent needle again and positioned a stamp on the next loop whilst creating a frequent needle. that is how we finish this order.

We knit on the entrance side of the knit through making 1 unmarried handrail to every loop, and the again aspect with common needles and stamps.

4) When there are 13 rows of scales, except for the closing row of the piece we knit, we cross the three-way needles along 1 row and finish the knitting.

5) We finish our pockets by doubling and suturing the piece we now have sewn and stitching it with a snap or zipper within the mouth.

Video Making

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