Making Socks Knitting Technique with 5 Needles

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Winter is right here!

Wintry Weather approach wool knit socks!

Additionally, knitting wool socks is not arduous in any respect!

< With this newsletter, you are going to have the opportunity to knit your personal socks.

and easily…

Let’s get started at the moment!


DMC Woolly Blue (071) color merino wool5 mm 20 cm Titanium Socks Needle


1. 6 loops are began to shape the nostril of the sock.


2. The spit is handed from the ground of 6 loops to each loop.


3. number of stitches 12 (FOUR loops at the foot, 2 loops at the left side, FOUR loops on the base, 2 loops okay for the precise side).


FOUR. Each stitches on all sides of the proper and left sides of the knit till the selection of stitches is 36 row 1 is knit by means of expanding the choice of stitches.


5. Knitting keeps with 36 loops through developing the nostril of the sock.


6. When the knitting duration is 15 cm, 16 loops at the upper a part of the socks are saved at the skewer to shape the heel and the ground part Knitting with 20 stitches and knitting 5 cm.


7. 6 loops on both sides of 20 loops are held in skewers to close the heel phase.

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