Making Square Napkin Holder with Combed Rope

Hello, my pals who love knitting!

i will be able to let you know tips on how to make a stylish serviette for home ornament.

Let’s start knitting in an instant if your threads are ready!


Spagettiyarn Rose Dried (1) color fabric hand knitting yarnSuitable colour stitching thread 7 mm crochet needle pearl ball


For Those Who want, you’ll use a able-made perforated wood base, however i can additionally give an explanation for the construction of the bottom.

1. Let’s make 4 pins into the magic ring.

2. Let’s make 3 pins into every one. Let’s finish the line with a complete of 12 common needles.

3. Let’s make THREE frequent needles within the first loop and 1 widespread needle within the next 2 loops. Let’s repeat this procedure thrice.

4. In different rows, let’s sink 3 times within the middle of our triple sinkers and 1 time within the others. So let’s transfer to the corners by means of knitting needles thrice, till we get to the size we want, with a unmarried sink in among. Let’s whole the base by way of working the chain, let’s visit the top row.

5. Let’s pin every loop in the best row and create a spike. Let’s knit 6 rows and eventually, we will get started making the care for whilst we end with the chain. Let’s now not chain execute the final of them and take away THREE wires.

6. With Out knitting the ultimate two strings, let’s knit the 1st loop through passing a thread from the back, then knit the second and third loops. Then let’s take the final 2 loops out of the crochet with out lacking them and cross the rope at the back of and knit the first, 2d and third loops in order. Let’s get to the specified size on this way.

7. To tie the pearl ball, let’s lower 3 wires in combination, pull 1 chain and cut the string. Let’s sew the pearl ball with the stitching thread that suits our colour.

8. Let’s adorn the last row of serviette with sequential pearl.

Our serviette is set!




Make it simple for everyone who dies!

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