Making Strawberry Bookends

Hi friends!

Indisputably there are many bookworms around you.

So let’s knit this strawberry bookmark for book lovers.

Health on your palms already!

Let’s get started knitting in no time!


Crystalline knitting threads of the ruins;
Purple (033) colour thread
Green (087) colour thread2 mm crochet < h2> Coaching

We knit with inexperienced thread.

1) We pull 2 ​​chains into the magic ring. We knit 12 of the double handrails. We pull the rope and shut it.

2) We pull 1 chain back, and we knit continuously on all handrails. We pull 1 chain.

We knit with a purple thread.

3) We pull 2 ​​chains through pulling 1 chain and make 2 double handrails. Then we skip 1 chain and one needle, make two double handrails at the 2nd common needle and switch.

4) We pull 1 chain and sink into the distance subsequent to the double handrail. We draw 2 chains and make double handrails. We pull 1 chain once more and sink two times in the double handrail area. We do the similar process till the start.

FIVE) We do the similar operations until there are 2 handrails left.

We lower the rope.

Green colour We knit with rope.

6) Then we pull 80 chains. We make rings from the final 10 and fill the needle ceaselessly.



strawberry-e book-brace-making

Well Being for your arms!

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