Making Strawberry Macarons Bags

Hi !!

We’ve Got ready an overly adorable bag fashion for you!

you’ll be able to knit this gorgeous strawberry macaroon bag for each your children and your self.

Straight Away Let’s start!


Loren Natural Cotton Red (R003) colour hand knitting yarnGazzal Baby Cotton Inexperienced (3449) color hand knitting yarn 2.2 mm crochet needle button

tips on how to make

Entrance and Again of the Bag (2 Items)

The purple colour is knitted with a string.

on the end of every row, it’s completed by way of loop wrapping and the top row is reached through pulling 3 chains.

1. 6 widespread needles are knitted into the magic ring.

2. 2 double handrails are knitted into each and every frequent needle.

3. 1 double handrail and 1 chain are knitted into each and every loop.

4. 2 double handrails and 1 within the backside row where we pull 1 chain the chain is knitted.

5. Every i 1 needle is knitted into the loop.

6. 1 double handrail is made on all the common needles and 1 chain is left among them.

7. 2 double handrails are knitted in the entire spaces we go away via pulling a sequence, 1 chain is left between them. >

8. at the end of the row we end with the loop shift, two loops are skipped and six handrails are made into the third loop. stitches are skipped and the third needle is made ceaselessly.

we will be able to now not continue this process till the tip of the collection, we will be able to repeat 10 instances and reduce the thread. the remainder non-knitted section will probably be the mouth of the bag. it is knitted as we knit front and back of the bag above. Simplest in the remaining phase, the section that we didn’t knit to be the mouth of the bag is finished with out leaving a part in this motif.

The Take Care Of Part Of the Bag

The crimson color is knitted with a string.

1 . TWO HUNDRED chains are drawn.

2. A handrail is made within the entire chain and sewn to the sides of the bag.

you can make the deal with of the bag shorter or longer.


Base Segment

1. 54 chains are pulled.

2. All of the chains are treated and the bag is sewn on their back duvet.


1. Half Of the fairway motif is sewn to the again quilt of the bag, the other part is buttonhole on the section that comes to the front quilt.

2. Button is sewn the place the buttonhole meets.

Our bag is about!


Health for your fingers!

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