Making Supla with XL Rope

Hello knitting lovers!

Are you prepared to knit supla sets, which might be crucial for dining tables, in the size and colour you wish to have?

Let’s get started knitting immediately!


EIGHT Spaghetti Yarn XXLace hand knitting threads7 mm crochet fabrics needed to adorn


Every Time we move to the highest row, we pull 3 chains, count this chain as 1 handrail.

1) We knit 12 triple handrails within the magic ring.

2) We knit two triple handrails in each and every handrail house.

3) THREE. we knit our row as 1 double and 1 single handrail.

4) 4. we knit our row as 1 double, 2 single.

5) FIVE. we knit our row as 1 double, 3 single.

6) 6. we knit our row as 1 double, 4 single.


1) 6. After finishing our line, we begin by making 1 needle. We make 1 common needle to the following loop, 1 double handrail next to it, 2 triple handrails subsequent to it, 1 double handrail next to it, 1 frequent needle next to it. this fashion we knit the entire order.


Easy to come back!

Please don’t disregard to tag my Instagram account whilst sharing your supla.


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