Making Teddy Bear Blanket

Revel In the happiness of constructing amusing blankets for your children!

it isn’t hard to make kids happy. Seeing your children’ happiness and smile will make you extra pleased with this easy and a laugh teddy undergo type blanket.

Let’s start knitting right away and do not fail to remember to proportion your braids with the hashtags of #braid, #braidtime .

Happy and loving days.


Snowball Anakusa
FIVE Beige (K883) colour thread
1 Cream (K019) color ip1 Gazzal Baby Cotton Brown (3436) color ip6 mm 100cm Minced Needle6 mm Knitting Needle3 mm crochet


* Suitable for 4-FIVE years vintage kids.


1) 81 knitting starts flat knitting.

2) 4 balls are knitted and completed.


1) Flat knitting is started with FIFTY SIX loops.

2) 25 rows of knit.

3) 26th loops are separated as 20-16-20.

* Hat best 16 loops within the heart are knitted to shape.

5) 36 loops are minimize immediately and the hat is finished.

* The hat is sewn to the huge a part of the blanket.


* 2 Massive

1) 6 chains are drawn and the ring is formed.

2) 9 pairs into the hoop Handrails are made.

3) 2 double handrails are made on each handrail and 18 handrails are got.

* 2 Small

1) 9 double handrails are made into the ring.

* The small circle is sewn into the massive circle.

* Nested pieces are sewn to the hat.


1) 6 chains are drawn The Hoop is created in the ring.

2) 9 double handrails are made along the row.

3) 18 double handrails are made along the row. .

4) 27 double handrails are built alongside the row. .


1) 3 chains are drawn.

2) 6 into the 2nd chain. frequent needles.

3) 12 common needles.

The needle is processed with the assistance of needle.

A Laugh to your youngsters Your blanket is ready!

Use it on nice days.

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