Making Two Color Baby Bandanas

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We Have Now an overly adorable bandana recipe for you!

you’ll weave this beautiful bandana and give it to the youngsters!

Let’s start now!


Kartopu Ak-Cushy hand knitting threads
1 Yellow (K132) color thread
1 Cinnamon (K1840) color ip4 mm skewer


It begins with a yellow thread.

1) It begins with 90 loops.

2) FOUR enamel are knitted.


Continue knitting with cinnamon color with out breaking the string.

3) 1 row is knitted in opposite and 1 row is knit flat.

4) The Primary sew is knitted within the third row of cinnamon colour. Then knit as 1 end, 1 minimize, 1 lower, 1 reduce to the top of the row.

5) Knit in opposite and 1 row of simple weaves alongside 1 row.

As observed within the photo below, the yellow thread is on one aspect and the cinnamon color thread is on one side.




colour- child-bandanasi-yapimi

6) The stitch is removed from the place proven within the photo underneath with the colour of cinnamon.

color -baby-bandanasi-build-4




Cinnamon colour thread is fastened and reduce.

Continue with yellow colour thread.

7) There are 90 loops in both needles. One loop from every skewer is knitted immediately.

color-baby- bandanasi-yapimi-6

8) 4 tooth are knitted and finished.


when you double and stitch your bandanna is about!

Use on great days.

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