Making Two Different Model Booties with Velvet Rope

Hi everybody!

We knitted soft booties for you.

we needed to share those stunning booties with you.

Let’s start knitting this very easy type. !


Etrophil Clover Powder (70318) color velvet hand knitting yarn
1 ball is sufficient for 1 pair of booties. Loren Herbal Baby hand knitting threads;
Black (R004 ) color thread
White (R001) color thread
Orange (R096) colour thread4.5 mm crochet2.5 mm crochet

find out how to make

Sizes are suitable for measurement 37-38.

1) Pull 7 chains and knit needles on them.

2) THREE needles are caught in every nook.

3) THREE common needles made on the corners are double needle.

4) Will Increase within the corners are 1 unmarried, 1 pair of widespread needles.

5) 2 unmarried, 1 double widespread needles are applied to the increase in the corners. a total of 36 needles along with booties are formed.

This dimension is acceptable for those with a skinny foot construction. On The Other Hand, if it’s wanted to be moderately wider, EIGHT single, 1 double widespread needles are made in the subsequent row and FORTY not unusual needles are formed.

Popcorn Booties

1) 7.

WITHIN THE row, 3 popcorn popcorn is placed within the heart of the former popcorn.

4) FORTY needles are made.

5) 11. 2 popcorn is made within the center of the previous popcorn.

6) FORTY needles are made.

7) 13. WITHIN THE row, 1 popcorn is made within the heart of the previous popcorn.

8) 2 rows are knit flat and the heel continues.

9) 9 rows knit extra flat. Then, depending on your foot period, proceed 10-11 rows in opposition to the ground of the booties. For this, EIGHT loops are left empty and knitted in the form of spherical-trip, and a turn is made via pulling 1 chain for each flip.

10) Whilst it is finished, it’s blended with the needle from the back. velvet-rope-with-two-different-model-booties-making-1 velvet-rope-with–different-model-booties-development-1

Most Sensible Embellished Booties

1) 9 rows instantly Knit.

a complete of 18 needles are got.

it is sewn on the black eye and embroidered with white thread on the boot.


Knitted with orange thread.

1) FOUR frequent needles are made on 5 chains. Triangle shape is given and stitched by lowering 1 per turn.

velvet-rope-with-two-different -model-booties-making-2 velvet-rope-with-two-other-development-booties-making-2

If You have a piece of leather on the ground of the booties, as in the photograph in order that it’s going to last more.

velvet-rope-with-two-different-pattern-booties -made-3 velvet-rope-with–different-style-booties-made-3

That’s it!

velvet-rope-with-two-different-pattern -patic-made velvet-rope-with-two-other-type-booties-made

Well Being for your palms!

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