Making Two-sided Double-sided Headset Beanie

Hello ladies who love knitting!

I got here to you these days with a two-colour double-sided beret recipe that I made for my very own son. On The Grounds That I’m more than happy to use it, I also desired to proportion it with you. Additionally, it’s really easy to make!

Let’s have a look at our recipe!


L. A. Mia Mercerized Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Grey (232) color thread
1 Red (19) colour thread2.5 mm crochet Scissors


SH: Magic ring

DC: Binary handrail

DCV: Increasing double handrails (2 double handrails are made in 1 loop)


Appropriate for 18-24 month old small children. you can modification the size in line with your child’s head diameter.


We knit with grey thread.

1. SH 12 DC = We make 12 double handrails within the magic ring. (12)

2. 12 DCV = We make 2 double handrails to each loop. (24)

3. (1DC, 1DCV) * 12 = We make 1 unmarried and 1 double handrails to the loops, respectively. (36)

4. (2DC, 1DCV) * 12 = We make 2 single and 1 double handrails to the loops, respectively.


7. We knit in the type of 1 double handrail to every loop without expanding till the nineteenth row. but if you wish to have to grow the beret in the seventh row (4DC, 1DCV) * 12 = you can make 4 single and 1 double handrails in the stitches respectively. if you happen to are going to do it to your older kids, you need to knit a straight line after each increment.

8. For the ears of beret, we begin by way of knitting 13DC (making only one double handrail to 13 loops), centering the beret and overlaying the ears on both sides. We use a loop holder to calculate the starting and ending points. We whole the ears by lowering them in each order.


We knit with a crimson thread.

1. We knit with the similar numbers for the internal facet of crimson and then mix it with the needle, so that the last rows are subsequent to every other.



We knit with a crimson thread.


We make customary braids with each lengths and thicknesses of the desired colour from the threads, passing them in the course of the ears, one aspect at the back and one facet at the front. We attach the top with the same color string. two-color-double-sided-headphone-baby-beanie-making-3

We made a thicker winter beanie with double-sided!

should you wish, you can enhance the top of the hat in numerous tactics.

i would relish in case you tag me from my Instagram account to remember of the hats you will make.

Delightful knitting!

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