Making Wool Painter Beret

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We brought you a distinct knit beanie type.

you’ll easily follow this knitting wool painter beret with our scheme.

Let’s start. !


2 items Los Angeles Mia Angora Brown (L133) colour hand knitting yarn4 mm crochet


1. 6 chains it’s began with 1 loop of the closing chain within the crochet hook, closed with a loop and knit at the circle. We repeat 8 occasions into the spherical chain (THREE chains, 1 peanut) *. We make the ultimate 3 chains and finish the end of the round by means of loop wrapping. (EIGHT peanuts)

2. We make it 2 times in each and every house (2 chains, 1 peanut) *. We make the final 2 chains and end the top of the spherical by means of looping. (16 peanuts)

3. We make 1 chain 1 peanut in the first space, 2 occasions (2 chains, 1 peanut) * 2 occasions. on this approach, we repeat 8 instances. We make the closing 2 chains and finish the top of the round by means of looping. (24 peanuts)

4-7. We proceed through making 6 peanuts with the same logic because the 3rd row. At the top of the 7th round, there should be FIFTY SIX peanuts and approximately 10 cm.

8-11. We make 2 chains and 1 peanut in each and every space. We make the final 2 chains and end the tip of the round by means of looping. (56 peanuts) It must be approximately 17 cm, if not, we continue.

12. We cut back 6 peanuts similarly. (50 peanuts)

13. We drop 2 peanuts (FORTY EIGHT peanuts)

14. We make 48 needles and end.


1 . We immerse 12 chains, the crochet hook into the 2d chain and make 11 common needles.

2. 1 chain, ELEVEN times, we make frequent needles with most effective the again loop.

2. we proceed to the row till the required paint is reached (it need to be about 50 cm), then we end it and sew it with a beret.

Making Wool Painter Beret

and ready!


Health in your hand!

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