Mandala Flower Bookmark

Hello !!

Mandalas proceed to attract consideration in many fields equivalent to painting and knitting.

This time i need to percentage my recipe that i feel of as bookends.

Let’s start knitting our flashy bookmark, which is very easy to make!


Snowball Vegetation hand knitting threads;
Yellow (K327) color thread
Snow White (K010) color thread
Fuchsia (K740) colour thread
Grey (K1001) color thread
Red (K150) color thread
Darkish Blue (K624) color thread
Crimson (K763) color thread
Light Blue (K506) color thread
Gentle Green (K407) color thread
Green (K392) color thread2 mm crochet


With yellow thread We knit.

1. We create the magic ring. We knit EIGHT double handrails within the ring.

We knit with a snow white colour thread.

2. We knit 2 handrails in every hollow. We pull 2 ​​chains in between.

We knit with a fuchsia colour thread.

3. We knit FIVE handrails among Trabzan.

We knit with gray thread.

4. We knit needles ceaselessly on all handrails.

We knit with a purple thread.

5. We knit 6 handrails on best of the 2 handrails we knit with a white thread. We skip 1 needle and 2 needles. We skip 1 more needle and knit 6 handrails again.

We knit with darkish blue coloured thread.

6. We knit ceaselessly on most sensible of all.

mandala-flower -books-brace-making-1

We knit with a pink thread.

7. We knit 10 chains through sinking to the center of the 6 trays we make with the crimson thread below. on this approach, we whole the order.

8. We knit 6 handrails, 2 chains, 6 handrails into the holes and fill the entire holes.

We knit with a light blue colored thread.

9. We knit continuously at the handrails. We finish by way of making 1 needle, 2 chains and 1 needle in the middle house.


We knit with a gentle inexperienced color thread.

1. We pull 51 chains and run a loop.

We knit with inexperienced thread.

2 . We Are walking round. We create leaf branches through pulling 10 chains at 8-9 chain periods.


Leaves (10 Pieces)

You Can knit in different colors.

1. We make and whole the straightforward leaf type as we see in the picture within the chains we make.


Make it easy for everyone who has discovered!

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