Motif Easy Booties

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After We say wintry weather is coming, we brought you a very easy bootie fashion.

you’re going to love this bootie style that you just can easily knit in any colour and size you wish to have.

< Let’s get started now!


Örenbayan Dora hand knitting threads;
1 Pink (042) color thread
1 Cream (004) colour thread3.FIVE mm crochet


Sizes are suitable for number 38-39.

Let’s start with the crimson thread.

1) Let’s create a hoop through pulling 6 chains and sliding the loop to the primary chain.

2) Knit triple purse puff into the hoop. (3 we pull the handrail without delay) Let’s knit a total of 4 puffs. we can draw 5 chains among them. in this means, there’ll be 4 puffs and 4 slots in the primary place.

Let’s transfer to white color.

THREE) Let’s make FOUR handrails, 2 chains, FOUR handrails in all slots. Let’s transfer 2 chains while shifting to the other slot.

Our corners began to form. Let’s switch to purple color.

pattern-easy-booties-making-1 pattern-easy-booties-development- 1

FOUR) Let’s make THREE handrails, 2 chains, 3 handrails to the slots within the nook, THREE handrails to the slots in among. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains in slot transitions.

Let’s switch to white color.

Motif Easy Booties

Motif Easy Booties-2

FIVE) 1 handrail to every handrail, THREE handrails to each slot (SEVENTY TWO trabzan) Let’s whole the sequence.

Let’s transfer to crimson color.

Motif Easy Booties

Motif Easy Booties


6) Our motif is done through making 72 frequent needles.

motif-easy-bootie-construction-4 motif -simple-booties-making-4

Let’s mix the motifs and whole our paw. you’ll adjust the selection of motifs in line with the neck size of the boot. you’ll be able to see the combos from the photographs.

Motif Easy Booties

Motif Easy Booties



We Have finished a knitting trend that can be knitted with other colours. i am hoping you really liked it.



Health to the hands of the ruins!

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