Now Making Berets From Ropes

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We knit a lot of knitting and our threads are all the time expanding, right? Would Not you prefer to judge the threads that you simply have? now could be the time! Autumn is coming, winter is coming. Now you’ll be able to knit a colorful beanie along with your ropes. The recipe is from me, the knitting is from you!


1) We Start NINETY loops with FIVE mm skewers.

2) We knit 12 rows of 2 + 2 rubber knits.

3) Absolutely flat knitting via knitting 2 primary colors face, 2 colored threads face the use of FOUR rows of unmarried color yarn We proceed with.

4) While our hat is a minimum of 21 cm (according to the user’s head measurement and choice, we can scale back 21 cm by 1-2-THREE arms). Within The final 3 rows, we lower 1 in every weave and minimize the hat off and stitch.

Use good-bye, the work you started might be finished briefly.

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