Panda Hair Band Making

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Nowadays, we will make a panda headband with you from nook to nook means.

This hair band that we up to now made as a fox will likely be your kids’s favorite!

Video narration With this glorious knitting method you’ll be able to learn with, you’ll be able to make a very sublime headscarf and make your kids satisfied.

Let’s get started!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads;
White (K019) colour thread
Black (K940) color thread3.FIVE mm crochet


Ears (2 items)

Black color is knitted.

1. 8 double handrails are made to the magic ring and double dipped in each slot in the following row.

2. 6 within the next row unmarried handrails are made, then FOUR handrails are made in a slot, 6 unmarried handrails are made later.

The rope is left long and cut.

Eyes (2 items)

Black colour is knitted with thread.

1. 7 chains are pulled, the second chain 1 needle is made to each slot from the start. THREE needles are made within the ultimate slot, and 1 needle in each and every slot on the reverse aspect. 2 needles are made where we first started and the oval shape is given.

The rope is left lengthy and lower.


White colour is knitted with rope.

1. 6 chains are drawn.

A overall of three handrails are obtained with the primary chain.

2. 6 chains are drawn again and once more, one double handrail is made to each chain starting from the fourth chain.

3. The chain within the first row is immersed in the house we draw, 3 chains are drawn and 3 double handrails are made in the similar area.

4. 6 chains are drawn and the same operations Repeat.

Let’s do the increments until we get the length we want. After our augmentation procedure is finished, we will be able to most effective building up after which decrease on one facet.

5. 6 chains are drawn and from the fourth chain, 1 double railing is made to each chain. Let’s hang the following 3 chains with a needle.

6. THREE chains are drawn, 3 double handrails are made in the comparable area and this fashion is reached to the opposite nook.

7. when we reach the opposite nook and dangle on to 3 chains, 3 chains are drawn again, let’s return and dangle the previous 3 chains.

8. 3 within the similar slot pull the chain and make THREE double handrails and continue to the other nook in this manner.

9. In the other nook, 6 chains continue and building up again.

in one nook we will be able to lower in a nook, let’s move in this way till we get the duration we would like.

Let’s grasp onto the following hole and continue in this way. in the last section, after protecting the corner, let’s draw THREE chains again and grasp directly to the distance.

11. Let’s always pull THREE chains after coming to the corners. Let’s stick with the previous 3 chains of hole and pull THREE chains at each corners in this fashion.

12. Let’s continue your operations in the similar slot as THREE double handrails. Let’s proceed until our nook is finished. Let’s sew the two aspects in combination.

Let’s stitch the eyes and ears as within the picture.

and ready!


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