Paper Bag Making Round Bag

You Can get started knitting an easy, but trendy, paper rope bag type that you simply can use on the seashore and day by day.

Additionally, you are going to most effective want to realize the double handrails and common needle tactics for making this paper rope bag.

since it is an easy type that may be knitted in 1 day , you’re going to soon feel free to have a handmade bag.

What can be knitted otherwise with paper rope?

Coaster and the like.


2 items Loren Paper Paper Lanyard Beige color4 mm crochet decisiveDisser

easy methods to Make


1) 18 double handrails are constructed into the magic ring.

2) 36 double handrails

3) (2 handrails within each and every handrail Therefore, the choice of rows is doubled. .)

4) SEVENTY TWO double handrails (1 double, 2 unmarried)

5) 90 double handrails (1 double, 3 single)

6) 108 double handrails ( 1 double, 4 unmarried)

7) 126 double handrails (1 pair, 5 unmarried)

8) 144 double handrails (1 pair, 6 single)

9) 162 double handrails (1 pair, 7 unmarried)

* 9 rows of this spherical piece are knitted .

* A separate heart segment is knitted to join the 2 spherical items.

1) 7 chains are pulled again to 6 common needles. Pulling 1 chain to the following row. Needles are made till 94 rows.

2) This heart section is combined with 2 round pieces.


1) A 32 cm hanger is made in general.

it is that easy to have a classy bag made of paper thread! .

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