Paper Bag Waist Bag Making

Increase the range of your luggage!

you can make quite a lot of crocheted luggage from paper thread. Hurry to check out out the models of this year’s stylish paper string waist bag, capture the rage! you’ll be able to design the waist baggage, which is able to be practical for day by day use, in colours that suit your style.


Loren Paper Paper Rope
1 Anthracite (RH30) colour
1 Piece of Child Yellow (RH22) color4 mm crochet



1) 30 chains are drawn.

2) SEVENTY FIVE rows of common needles are made on> 30 chains. When finished, 1 row common needles are inserted across the knitted piece. (Therefore, a smoother symbol is formed.)

Paper Bag Waist Bag Making

Paper Bag Waist Bag Making

Paper Bag Waist Bag Making

Paper Bag Waist Bag Making

Facets (2 pieces)

3) 10 rows of needles on 10 chains for facets done.

4) The straight shaped section is divided by means of THREE, the two portions are folded and sewn along with the perimeters.


1) 130 rows of needles are made on 10 chains. it is sewn from the back of the bag.

Your waist bag is set!

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we wish you a pleasant day.

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