Passionflower Knitting Earring Making


I’m Going to speak approximately making passionfruit knitted rings for you these days.

i’m hoping you knit with excitement.

i am positive it is going to fit your clothes and provides you a distinct environment.

Let’s start!


Kartopu Amigurumi Mustard Yellow (K322) color hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochet Earring


1) Make a magic ring and pull 4 chains into the hoop 9 Let’s make two double handrails. Let’s combine it with the start.

2) Let’s pull FOUR chains and make 7 double handrails to the first chain. Let’s skip one slot and cling the other with a loop shift approach.

3) Repeat step 2 FOUR extra times. If the space is still, let’s pull THREE chains and grasp on to the ultimate position and create a small hole.

4) Let’s cross the earring equipment during the area we remaining created.

 Our passionfruit weave earrings are able! carkifelek-organ-kupe-yapimi-1

i hope you loved it.

Let’s come simple now.

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