Patterned Lace Showcase Cover Making

Hello everybody!

We mixed the motifs for you and prepared a trendy lace show off cover.

you’ll be able to knit this beautiful model with our recipe and begin using it in an instant.

Come on Let’s get started knitting!


Altınbaşak Gold No: 70 White lace thread No: 22 0.5 mm lace crochet


1) Let’s draw 6 chains and create a hoop by way of connecting the two ends. Let’s knit the 1st handrail via pulling 4 chains. Let’s repeat 7 occasions within the form of 2 chains, 1 double handrail. in this way, there need to be EIGHT slots in the first row. Let’s transfer 3 chains as we move to the other slot.

3) 7 knitting needles in all slots.

4) Let’s knit FIVE needles, 3 chains in the 1st slot, 1 handrail, 3 chains within the middle of the 2d slot, 1 handrail and three chains within the same place. Let’s whole our collection via repeating this 4 times.

5) THREE common needles, 4 chains, 10 handrails, FOUR chains in the center slot. Let’s complete our sequence through repeating this 4 instances.

6) Let’s knit 10 handrails with 2 frequent needles, FIVE chains, 1 chain between them. Let’s complete our collection by way of repeating this 4 instances.

7) Let’s pull 1 needle, 6 chains. Let’s do 10 handrails 10 instances, 3 chains at the best of every handrail and 1 widespread needle. Let’s complete our motif through doing a lot of these operations 4 occasions in general.


FIVE × 5 motifs for the exhibit are in moderately appropriate sizes. you’ll be able to even have a espresso desk or desk cloth.

motif- lace-show off-heart-made

Well Being for your hands already!

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