Pink Floral Baby Cardigan Making

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We got here to you with an excessively candy, full spring child cardigan type.

Come on this knitting style, which is very stress-free to knit and get dressed with its pink vegetation and pearl decorations. Let’s start!


Etrofil Baby Lux hand knitting threads;
Ecru (70121) color thread
Inexperienced (70445) color thread
Purple (70366) color ip3 mm skewer2 mm crochet5 pearl button, pearl bead to decorate



1. Let’s start the again with 80 loops. Let’s knit the primary row with 2 inverted and a couple of immediately.

2. in the second row, we apply the double brass knitting pattern through creating a flat knitting at the reverse loops on the reverse loops.

3. Let’s knit a double brass braid until it is about 22 cm, that is, until the sleeve minimize.

4 . Let’s lower 7 loops first, 1 stitch within the subsequent row and 1 sew in the next row.

5. Let’s knit approximately THIRTEEN cm of arm length and end by slicing all the loops.


1. Let’s get started FORTY stitches for front section. Let’s knit the first row with 2 inverted and a pair of immediately.

2. within the second row, we observe the double brass knitting pattern by way of making a flat knitting on the opposite loops at the opposite loops.

3. Let’s knit a double brass braid till it’s about 22 cm, that is, until the sleeve lower.

4 . Let’s reduce 7 loops first within the next row, 1 sew within the next row and 1 stitch within the subsequent row.

5. In series, 5, 2, 1, 1, 1 for collar chopping after arm reducing Let’s knit by means of making the lower of 1, 1, 1. Let’s end the rest loops through slicing.

Let’s knit the opposite entrance piece in the same method.


1. 34 loops start and below the arm Let’s knit a double brass knitting trend through expanding 3-3 loops in 10 rows on both sides and lengthening 6 loops in a row in general.

2. After knitting the arm duration by 23-25 ​​cm, we will be able to reduce Let’s move on.

3. Let’s continue with 1 sew from the right and 1 sew from the left for the arm cut. However let’s lower most effective on the entrance of the arm. Later, let’s end via slicing the entire loops.

After sewing the entire pieces, let’s start from the ground of our cardigan and pass the double handrail around it. Let’s create 2 buttonholes through pulling 2 chains for the buttonhole on the obverse and leaving an area.

After the Trabzan procedure, let’s draw 7 chains, bounce THREE handrails and sink them to present the shape of the collar and half moon in entrance. on this means, let’s cross round the front and the neck of our cardigan. after we come back to the 7 chains we started again, let’s make 1 needle, 1 unmarried handrail, FOUR double handrails, 1 single handrail and 1 hand needle into the chains. in this approach, let’s fill the entire chains.

Excellent health!

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