Pıtırcık Hair Band Making

Hello !

We Will Be Able To make a very simple headscarf with you once more.

for those who want, after completing, stamps, beads and the like. you’ll be able to also adorn with.

Let’s get started knitting in no time!


YarnArt Aura Pink (303) colour hand knitting yarn 5 mm crochet


1) Let’s pull 12 chains.

2) Let’s pull one chain and move it to the other slot as a needle, and the other slot to double the handrail to the tip of the row.

3) Let’s pull again 1 chain and knit as a widespread needle 1 handrail with frequent needles at the handrails and a handrail on most sensible of the common needles.

4 ) Whilst the length is round 38 cm, let’s minimize the rope long.

5) Let’s fold it and sew it by passing the needle via the entire corresponding loops.

pitircik-sac-bandi-yapimi-1 Pıtırcık Hair Band Making
Our headscarf is set!




Pıtırcık Hair Band Making

Well Being in your palms!

pitircik-sac-bandi-yapimi Pıtırcık Hair Band Making
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