Pocket Model Baby Boy Vest Making

Hello everyone!

We designed a heat vest in your children.

you can knit this beautiful vest in a short time and dress it on your kid.

Let’s start knitting straight away!


Himalaya On A Regular Basis Tremendous Lux Gray (73428) color hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewer4 buttonSwool needleSewing thread and needle



1) The bottle begins via throwing 36 loops and knit 10 rows, 2 inverted and 2 flat, knit rubber.

2) 6 loops for aspect margins and the other loops are knit 10 rows instantly.

3) Then, 10 loops are knit in 2 rows, 2 flats, 2 harosha, 2 apartments so that they’re knit exactly. < /

4) 10 loops of haroha are knit 2 coinciding with this pattern within the heart.

5) Not More than 23 rows of knits other than the margins are knit flat.

Each NINE-10. Between the haro┼ča, the loop is lower and the loop is opened by taking a loop once more.

6) Before making my arm vote, all loops are knit with 2 teeth.

7) A loop is minimize in every entrance row for my sleeve vote and collar reduce. The again is knitted typically. at the related time, our triangle fashion is began. In different words, 6 loops are knitted with collar patches, 6 loops with knitted knits and SIXTEEN loops within the heart are knitted in 2 reverse / 2 immediately traces. The again of the model is knitted within the related means, the type is sustained in the next row with the highest of the strains the wrong way up. The triangle development is sustained until my collar and arm play is finished.

8) The Remainder THIRTEEN loops are knitted to the shoulder, all 13 tooth.

the opposite of front piece knit within the same means.


1) The bottle starts knitting 70 loops and knit 10 rows 2 inverted and a couple of flat.

< 2) Afterwards, 50 rows are knit flat.

3) 6 loops for my arm vote are made out of each side. Sooner Than the arm play, the entire loops, just like the ones in front, are knitted with 2 teeth. For right and left arm carvings, one loop decreases in each and every row and a couple of instantly, 2 opposite 2 rows are knitted and the opposite 2 rows are placed on the highest of the flat, and the pattern is began on the top of the reverse. The type changes in 2 rows. The choice of rows in the armhole of front items is made, and the ultimate EIGHT rows are made in the entire loops.

the edges and shoulders of the knitted items are sewn and finished. Buttons are also completed through stitching.

pocket-model-boy-baby-vest-construction pocket-fashion- baby-guy-vest-making

Simple to come back!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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