Pocket Wool Cardigan Making

Winter is here!

Woolen cardigans and sweaters are coming to our rescue to give a heat winter to each ourselves and our loved ones.

With simple and trendy knitting models, this wintry weather will likely be heat for everyone. !


12 pieces L. A. Mia Simply Wool (LT012) wool ip5 mm skewer2 buttons

easy methods to make

Appropriate for dimension M


1) 102 loops get started;

2) 1 reverse for three rows Knit 1 flat rubber braid.

3) From the 4th place, double braid braid is began.

4) 5 Opposite, knit straight and knit immediately so as.

5) Knit immediately and opposite in sixth order and continue the same way throughout the knitting.

6) At The ninth row, 50 loops are knitted at the front face, 51 and 52th loops are knit in combination. reverse knit.

( With this loop, we can create the strains in our card.)

8) So As to keep our line in the eleventh row, we can take the flat loop in combination in the backside row and knit it with the higher stitch.

on this method, we can continue our knitting through making a double brass braid and a line within the heart.

9) We Can create the same line at the aspect of our midline at 47th position.

101 loops remain in our bottle again.

11) The Primary 6 loops are minimize at the obverse to form the arm hollow space at the 107th place. strong> The Primary 6 loops are cut to create an armhole in 108th position.

13) The Primary THREE loops are cut in 109th order.

14) The Primary 3 loops are lower at 110th place.

15) EIGHTY THREE loops stay in our bottle. From the sleeve play, 60 rows of same brass knitting proceed in the same way.

16) The loops of the 171th row are separated as 26-29-26 and the 29 loops within the middle are cut without delay.

17) The 172th row of loops (26-26) are knitted one by one in 4 rows to form shoulders.

18) Within The 177th row, THIRTEEN stitches of 26 stitches on the spit are knitted and again, so that the shoulder lowness is given.

19) All stitches are reduce in 179th, the back is done.

Entrance Pieces

1) 53 stitches are started.

2) 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted alongside THREE rows.

3) in ranks 4th; The Primary THREE loops are continued as rubber knit, the rest 50 loops are knitted along the 43 rows in the type of double brass knit.

The tire, which has 3 loops at the front faces, is greater in every row. For this, the knitted knitting loops are modified one by means of one by knitting with rubber knitting in every row.

8) 6 loops are reduce for the armhole in the 107th position.

 9) THREE stitches are cut within the 109th row.

10) The knitting is sustained as the 7th row is increased and the brass braids are reduced along the forty eighth row.

11) At The 156th row, 27 tires and 26 pairs of rice are shaped on the skewer.

12) 27 loops on the 157th row cut off.

THIRTEEN) Double brass braid is braided as much as the 177th order.

14) 13 loops are braided back in the 177th order.

15) All loops are reduce in line 179.

Entrance p At The left side of the arc, the buttonhole is opened in the sixtieth and 98th row, among the 5th and 7th. Buttons sixtieth and 98th are sewn to the proper of the front piece.


1) 54 loops get started.

2) For Three rows, 1 inverted, 1 flat tire is knitted.

3) Within The 4th row, double brass knitting is started.

4) 14- In 24-34-44-FIFTY FOUR-SIXTY FOUR-SEVENTY FOUR-NINETY, the choice of stitches is greater to 70 through increasing one sew on each side.

5) 6 stitches are lower in 101th row. .

6) Within The 102nd row, 6 loops are reduce.

7) In The 103th row, 2 loops are minimize.

8) 2 stitches are cut in row 104.

9) From the 105th row, one loop is removed from the perimeters and 16 stitches remain within the skewer. to decrease Proceed to.

10) On The 162th row, all loops in the spit are lower and completed.


1)   32 stitches start.

2) 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted alongside THREE rows.

3) THREE loops immediately from the 4th row, 26 loops double brass knit, THREE loops immediately knit for 36 rows.

Wallet are sewn to the front parts with 10 loops from the facet and 14 rows from the ground.

All portions are stitched together and the collar is started.


Catches, 12 of front portions.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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