Polka Dot Cushion


THREE soft cotton combined yarn for the principle colour of the pillow 1 soft cotton combined rope for the cotton1.75 mm crochet3 big buttons35 × 35 pillow inside of

Self-polka dot patterned knitting consists of 3 parts. Entrance, back and canopy. The pillow duvet might be roughly 35 × 35 cm whilst finished.

when you keep your knit free throughout the whole knit, it will be greater to the scale in the recipe, and the pattern will seem more easily. if your hand is used to knit tightly, it can be easier to knit should you thicken your crochet quantity dependent on the thickness of your yarn.


tk: unmarried handrail primary colour: pink thread motif colour: cream colour thread

Single Trabzan Made



1) pull 60 chains.

2 ) Pull any other chain after the remaining chain and transfer to the highest row.

3) Click On 60 rows.


1) 60 with the principle colour pull the chain.

2) Following the template; you will have to create the motif through converting the thread with the motif color from the primary row.

3) To Change the thread; Pull the primary chain of tk in the earlier stitch, the place you wish to have to change the thread, and thread the opposite thread at the crochet within the 2nd.

4) Collect the excess threads on one side whenever you convert the thread and stay the thread too unfastened. .

5) Never lower your thread whilst converting the thread.

6) Loosen your knit whenever you exchange a thread.

Whilst the front of the pillow is finished, it is going to seem like this from front and back.


1) Draw 60 chains with the main color.

2) Click via 19 rows.

3) Whilst You are in the twentieth place, knit 8 tk, pull FOUR chains and skip FOUR loops and sink into the fifth, knit 16 tk, pull FOUR chains and skip FOUR loops and sink into the fifth, knit 16 tk, 4 chains pull and skip FOUR loops and sink into the 5th, there must be EIGHT loops left; you’ll additionally knit it and visit the top row.

4) you can knit four more tk and end your weave.


Becoming A Member Of

you’ll be able to stitch the pieces together using the needle.

Becoming A Member Of the quilt and Entrance Piece

Combining Front and Rear Parts

After becoming a member of, you can sew the buttons with the motif thread on the again of the case, akin to the holes in the duvet.

for the reason that thread I used was cotton, I did not decide to iron it.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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