Pompom Bag Making

Upload movement in your luggage with Tunisian paintings!

you can select Tunisian work knitting pattern for a wide variety of knit. you’ll add movement on your braids by using adult and child knits, baggage, equipment, decorative merchandise. Fabrics 2 pieces YarnArt Denims Plus Pink (72) colour ip5 mm 25 cm Metal Beaked Skewer Tunisian Crochet



* Tunisian Flat Knit

1) Get Started with 36 chains .

2) Loops are removed from each chain.

3) Tunisian simple knit is knitted via taking 2 loops in top row.

4) Loops are removed again. (The loop in the back of the stitch at the finish of the row could also be taken to ensure that the perimeters are clean.)

* this is the similar period because the favored length.

* Pompon strips in the bag you can sew it anyplace you wish to have.

Use it on beautiful days.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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