Practical Fingerless Glove Making

Hi everyone!

We Have brought you a glove model that you simply can knit and start the usage of right away.

Let’s select your favorite colour and let’s start knitting very quickly! 1 Gazzal Baby Wool Grey (818) colour hand knitting yarn THREE mm skewers


Sizes are suitable for 10 years antique. you’ll knit larger or smaller by means of converting the scale.

1) We Begin by way of taking a complete of FIFTY FOUR loops, 27 pairs.

2-25 ) We knit 2 flat and 2 opposite rubber knit.

26-36) We knit a complete of FIFTY FOUR loops of 54 knit undeniable knit.

36-46) 2 times 2 loops are immediately, 2 loops are inverted, 38 loops are instantly, again 2 times 2 loops are straight, 2 loops are inverted.

47) We cut the rubber braid on each ends of the braid through chopping it. There should be 38 loops in total.

48-50) We knit 38 loops in plain weave.

51-54) 2 directly, We knit a rubber torch in order that it’s 2 inverted.

55) We complete the knitting via slicing.

We fold it in half and stitch it from the edges.

With heat wishes on chilly days!


I knit this glove for my 10-year-antique daughter. That Is why it appears small in my arms. :))

Easy to come.

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