Rabbit Ear Beanie Making

Hi everyone!

We brought you an overly cute bunny-eared beanie.

you can knit this pretty beanie in a brief time.

Let’s start knitting immediately!


YarnArt Bianca Baby Lux hand knitting threads;
Gray (364) colour thread
Beige (363) colour thread3.5 mm spitwool needle Yarns in various colours

find out how to make

Sizes are suitable for two years old.

1) We Begin by throwing ONE HUNDRED TWENTY loops within the bottle. For 12 rows, we knit 1 reverse and 1 flat rubber knit.

For the beret, the top circumference and width size of the age is vital. I did it for two years. Width 20 cm will likely be sufficient.

2) After knitting the rubber, we knit flat knitting until the duration of our knitting is 15 cm. Then we start reducing at the flat parts. We minimize the primary sew in 10 stitches and finish the first chopping. We knit the back row in reverse order with out chopping.

3) We lower the head part of our beret by cutting one in 9 loops, one in 8 loops, one in 7 loops and one in 6 loops. We whole the typical reducing process to be 5-6 cm.

4) We puck the remaining loops in the final phase by including them to the wool needle, repair the thread and cut it lengthy and stitch our beret.

 Rabbit Ears

We knit with gray thread.

1) We knit the bottle 14 loops and knit 6 rows flat.

 2) Then we minimize a loop from the right and left edges in 2 rows.

3) We reduce and complete till the closing FOUR loops remain. We cut the string and knit any other one.

We knit with beige coloured thread.

4) The bottle starts with 12 loops and knits 6 rows immediately.

5) We cut in 2 rows and cut until the final FOUR loops remain. We entire it and lower the rope and knit any other one.

6) We sew the ears with the wool needle, leaving the inside of the ears throughout the gray outer phase, the cream within, and the precise facet of our beret that ends our ears. and we sew it to the left part of it.

7) We make different shapes from the different colors of the strings, and we make the leaves from the golf green color and sew them exactly as we wish.

Health in your hand!

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