Rose Decorated Booties Making

Hello everyone!

We’ve prepared an overly stylish booties for you.

it is really easy to make rose-decorated sneakers!

Let’s get started knitting this beautiful sneakers straight away!


Utopia Booties Lux hand knitting threads;
Grey (K920) color thread
Burgundy (K110) colour thread2.5 mm crochet2 bead


Sizes are appropriate for dimension 38-39.


We knit with grey thread.

1) We knit 14 double handrails into the magic ring.

2) We pull 2 ​​chains and go to the top. We knit a complete of 28 handrails by means of sinking twice on every railing.

3-4) We pull 2 ​​chains and go to the highest. We entire this order via knitting 1 single, 1 pair of handrails on the handrails, and we knit a total of 42 handrails. We knit 2 handrails at the seventh handrail. in this method, we whole the order as 6 unmarried and seven double. We knit a complete of 48 handrails on the end of the row.

5) We knit 48 handrails without increasing until there are 12 rows in total. At the tip of the twelfth row, we pull 1 chain and tear off the rope.

We knit 40 handrails in 11 rows in total to knit the sides.


8) Then we knit 17 handrails. We knit 6 widespread needles. We knit 17 handrails again.

9) Next we knit 17 handrails, 3 widespread needle removals, 17 handrails.

10) We reverse the knit and stitch the handrails together by means of crocheting them.

Area Crochet

We knit with burgundy coloured thread.

1) we begin at the stage of stitching. We sink in the preliminary area of the Trabzası and pull THREE chains, we sink within the related place with the frequent needle.

2) We move the needle to the other handrail house with frequent needles in among. Likewise, we pull THREE chains and keep on with the same place with the widespread needle. that is how we crochet the wrist circumference of the boot.


We knit with a maroon-coloured thread.

1) We pull 52 chains.

2) 4 more chains and 5 behind.

Again, we sink at the 3rd chain with double handrails, that is, we jump 2 chains in among. We pull 1 chain and knit double handrails within the related position. We skip 2 chains and knit double handrails on chain THREE once more. We pull 1 chain and knit some other double handrail within the related position. So we create V shapes side by means of facet.

3) We come to the second row with 2 chains. We knit 2 double handrails, 2 chains and a pair of double handrails into the distance in the first V. We pull 1 chain in among and turn to the other V. In the same means, we knit 2 double handrails, 2 chains and a couple of double handrails. We knit in this way until the end of the row. We knit needles frequently on the phase we pull 1 chain. We knit 7 double handrails in the other 2 chain blanks and we stick into the 1 chain shaft with frequent needles. We repeat this fashion until the tip of the line. At the end of the line, we pull 1 chain and tear off the rope.


We knit with a grey thread.

5) We complete all the row by means of knitting regularly.


6) We sew it to form a rose.

Then we stitch into booties.

That Is it!

gul-mute-bootie -made

Health in your palms!

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