Ruffled Summer Knit Blouse Making

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Now We Have introduced you an excessively simple and very fashionable knit blouse. /


Mirafil Fascia hand knitting threads;
1 Sky Blue (07) colour thread
1 Ice Blue (03) colour thread
1 pc White (01) color ip5 mm crochet

Video Production


2 pieces are knitted with Sky Blue and Ice Blue colored thread.

1. We pull 30 + 2 chains.

2. Starting from the third chain from the end, we make 1 single railing to each chain.

3. By pulling 2 chains we go to the top, we knit each loop with 1 single handrail.

We repeat step 3 until 1 ball is finished (average 54-55 rows).

In this way, we knit a total of 2 pieces, 1 with Ice Blue color thread and 1 with Sky Blue color thread.

We combine the 2 parts by sewing them in the middle and from the side. You can get support from the video for merging.

It is knitted with white color thread. blouses

1. A white thread is tied at the hem of the blouse and 3 double handrails are made into all loops for 1 row. All loops in front and back are knitted.

At the end of the 2nd row, we slip stitches and pull 3 chains and we make 1 double handrail to each loop.

We repeat step 2 until the ruffle length reaches the length you want.

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