Seamless Hand Bag Making in Three Steps

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Is Not it one in all the bags we like essentially the most in spring and summer time? would it be every other excellent if we have our own arms? Particularly, “The Place is your bag from?” to the query, “I didn’t take it, I did it myself.” If the happiness of the instant we give the solution is the bonus of this work, take your crochet and cord. Come.

As A Result Of I Needed to share with you a knitting trend that you simply can knit in a short time while counting the times from spring to summer season. However, you are going to no longer consider how you started and finished because it calls for very little material and its methodology may be very simple.



1) 124 chains are drawn and mixed with the primary chain to make a hoop from the chain.

2) Then, through pulling 2 chains, single handrails are made into the next chain and proceed until completing the ring. it is started by means of pulling 2 chains on the beginning of each row and this becomes the first handrail of that row.

3) After 24 rows are completed, the twenty fifth row is centered in order that all sides of the bag are equal and an equal collection of edges. When the handrail is calculated after it is calculated, the chain is pulled to correspond to 22 handrails. 22 handrails are handed and a handrail is made to the twenty third handrail and the care for of the bag is began. Whilst an equivalent number of handrails are made in opposition to the brink, the similar tactics are adopted for the back facet. it’s completed through knitting 2 extra lines.



On Account That I Really Like the textured symbol extra, i have reversed it, so I used the inverse as the entrance face.

1) Cut the strips of equivalent period from the rest of the string, without stitching the ground, they are lined with knots from those strips and the nook is embellished with THREE felt roses.

2) Non-Compulsory lining, zipper or long maintain is introduced.

Hope you prefer it!

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Stay With knitting!

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