Small Mesh Bag Making

With this small mesh bag knitting style, that you can easily and briefly knit with just the needle and chain pull technique, you’ll knit your self a web bag and begin using it.


1 Spaghetti Yarn Cotton Macrame Cream color ip3.FIVE mm crochet


1) We make 12 common needles into the magic ring.

2)  We make 2 common needles according to loop. We obtain a total of 24 common needles.

3) We complete the order via making 1 single and 1 double common stitches. We get 36 needles.

4) We pull out 4 chains, skip 1 sew, and we sink with the next needle. We knit the whole row in this way.

5) We pull FIVE chains along the three rows and connect them with the needle within the decrease row web. / strong> We pull 6 chains for 17 rows and fasten them with the needle in the lower row web.

Small Mesh Bag Making

Our web is finished.

7) We use double-thread for the stems. We pull FORTY chains and skip FIVE files and attach them with a needle.

We make our 2d handle simply opposite our first take care of within the related method.

Small Mesh Bag Making

Just Right health!

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