Soft Cat Brooch Making

If the best factor for wintry weather is knitting, isn’t it the cat that best suits knitting?

Are you prepared for the amigurumi recipe that we like knitting?

Whether this candy cat is a brooch or a keychain Use it, keep it with you!


Yarnart Jeans rope;
1 Smoked (28) color rope
1 Grey (46) color rope Colour leftover red and White ip8 mm amigurumi eye2.5 mm crochet fiber, needle brooch needle or key ring apparatus

Completed Size:

9 cm.


SH: Magic Ring

x: Frequent Needle

v: Increase

e: Decrement

ZN: Chain



Smoked colour We knit with rope.

1. 6x (6)

2. v (6 reps) (12)

3. into SH 1x, 1v (6 reps) (18)

4. 2x, 1v (6 reps) (24)

5. 3x, 1v (6 reps) (30)

6-10. 30x

Eyes 7-8. we insert FOUR loops among the rows.

11. 3x, 1e (6 reps) (24)

12. 2x, 1e (6 reps) (18)

We fill the fiber.

13. 1x, 1e (6 reps) (12)

14. e (6 reps) (6)

Ears (2 items)

We knit with smoked colour thread.

1. 6x (6)

2. 1x, 1v (3 reps) (9)

3. 9x

FOUR. 2x, 1v (3 reps) (12)

* We lower the thread lengthy for stitching.

Cheeks (2 items)

We knit with gray thread.

1. 6x (6)

* sewing thread into SH long minimize. We stitch the cheeks below the eyes. We procedure the face as in the photo.

amigurumi-cat-bros- making-1

Legs (2 pieces)

We knit with smoked colour thread.

1. 6x (6)

2. 2x, 1v (2 reps) (8)

3-5 into SH. 8x

* We knit the second one leg within the similar way. We knit the yarn without knitting 1ZN and tie it to the primary leg. Now we are starting to knit the trunk.


We knit with smoked colour thread.

1. 1. Leg 8x, 1x over 1ZN We fill 2x 8x, 1ZN, 1x (18)

2-6. 18x


7. 1x, 1e (6 reps) (12)

* We minimize the thread long for stitching.

Fingers (2 items)

We knit with smoked colour thread.

1. We fill 6x (6)

2-7. 6x

Fiber into SH.

8 . Doubling it We mix it with 2x.

* We cut the thread lengthy for sewing.

* We stitch all portions in combination.

Your cat is set. you can embellish it by way of creating a ball of yarn with a coloured thread. you’ll be able to contact me at or from e-mail


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