Square Patterned Knit Basket Making

Hi everyone!

Woman wished, she favored the motif never is going out of fashion!

we can knit a useful basket with you using this gorgeous motif.

Let’s get started knitting at this time!


1 colour yarn we would like or coloured threads that we now have in hand2 mm crochet


1) We pull out 6 chains. We draw THREE chains and make 3 triple handrails. We draw 3 chains and make 3 handrails. Once More we make and fix 3 chains, THREE handrails, THREE chains, THREE handrails. We make FOUR in general. on this way, we increase simplest from the corners.

3) We make 6 rows in general.

4) We make FIVE motifs. When You Consider That we will mix it in dice shape, we combine it with common needle method.

5) We make 1 row of needles into the mouth of the basket.

6) Then You could make a handle for those who need. I pulled 40 chains. I made triple handrails on it. Then I made a couple of extra needles and finished.


square -motif-knitting-basket-making

a very easy fashion. I made it larger than the same style and used it to put a blanket. It was once a very helpful organizer for me. you’ll be able to knit it if you want.

it is going to be simple now!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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