Squishy Teddy Bear Blanket Making


Snowball Anakuzusa
4 White colored threads
FOUR Pink colored ip6 mm skewers Pink small ribbon for woman Black bow tie for male8 eyes4 nose FOUR mouths



We Begin with a white thread.

We Start knitting flat knitting by means of throwing 30 loops. We throw 30 loops back into our knitting and knit them to the top of the row. we’ve got 60 loops. at the different hand, we make 30 loops by way of throwing 30 loops and knit about 20 extra rows in order to achieve 25 cm dye as in the decrease part. This time we cut 30 loops in our first build up in our paintings. There are 60 loops left in our bottle. Even As turning, we also lower 30 loops on the other hand, 30 loops stay in our bottle. We knit and finish the 30 loops until they succeed in 25 cm period.

Undergo Head

We Begin with a crimson thread. we will increase 1 after the primary stitch and 1 increase ahead of the final stitch. We knit the 7 stitches in opposite and knit the back in the back once more from the first sew and the closing stitch. We knit the opposite in opposite on the back. We proceed to increase right and left until the whole is FORTY FIVE stitches. We knit FORTY FIVE loops till now we have 25 loops closing on all sides by means of cutting and stepping into. We lower all of them with 25 loops left in our paintings. we have completed our head and we make FOUR heads in the same means.

Teddy Endure Ear

We Start with the pink thread. We throw 15 loops in our knitting. 4 rows on the entrance face we knit directly bottom. We knit 10 loops and return, knitting 5 loops and We take FIVE loops in the heart by means of taking a loop from the brink and take 1 loop from the aspect and go back, we knit 6 loops and take 1 loop from the facet and go back. We knit 7 loops and take 1 loop from the aspect and return .. …… ..THIRTEEN knit the loop and take 1 loop from the side, all the stitches are knitted, all 15 stitches are knitted and back, and the opposite knit is knitted from the opposite facet, and this is the reverse process. we will do. we will leave 1 loop from the proper and left and go back. We knit 14 and return with out knitting the fifteenth sew, go back from the best and left, ie THIRTEEN knitting 1 loop with out knitting 12 knitting… 11 knitting… ..10 knitting…. After completing our excursion, we knit till the start and knit the other, directly and knit for 3 rows. Our ears are completed.

At the similar time, we will knit our teddy endure’s nose in a complete of 12 pieces. Now 4 apart, teddy bear heads, ears and nostril are mounted as desired.
In Spite Of Everything, 2 teddy undergo girls’ equipment and a pair of teddy bear men’s equipment are adorned.

Just Right health. Love …

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