Strawberry Beanie Making

Hi There !

Today we are knitting together an excessively candy beanie for each our children and ourselves!

you’ll end it quickly and begin using it immediately!


1 Snowball Elite Wool Grande Burgundy (K1105) color hand knitting yarn 7 mm spit Wool needle Needle with a stick like straw


1) We Start our knitting with 60 loops. < /

2) We knit about 20 cm of heterosexual knitting.

3) After knitting 20 cm, we knit the loops in double rows by knitting. Thus, we begin reducing.

4) Once We visit the opposite facet, we do not cut.

5) When We cross directly again, the remainder loops are wool. we take the needle and puck our knit.

6) We opposite the knit at the top of the top and stitch it from the interior.

7) The flat of our knit once more we flip it over and paste the strawberry in the shape of the beret with the assistance of the iron instead of what we would like. /d5

Strawberry Beanie Making

Strawberry Beanie Making

here is our easiest!

you’ll be able to knit your self by means of changing numbers and adding different rigging models.

Well Being on your hand!

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